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 About us…

I am passionately committed in entrepreneurship and more globally in the enterprise. I reckon that building a business might be the most beautiful and exhilarating collective adventure in our 21st century. In order to help understand the keystones of such an adventure, and to propose a new approach of what makes businesses truly successful, helping managers and executives to turn their companies into a place of values and sense, I wrote “Entreprendre dans un monde en mutation" (Create and lead businesses in a changing world), published by L'Harmattan. This is also why I created, ten years ago, my professional coaching company with my associate Jeanne.

I am an engineer - it's good to have feet on the ground, method and reasoning tools.  I'm also a master practitioner in NLP - because communication and its complex springs are a key skill for leadership. I am a specialist in polemology (the science of conflicts) and I help prevent or deal with conflicts. And I also focus on helping people in exercising their authority, since I reckon that there is no possible leadership without assuming one’s authority.

These skills, combined with the specific glance of my associate, who is historian, allow us to combine the “hard” sciences, social sciences and the human dimension to assist companies in France and in the world (Brazil, China, Tunisia, UK ...) to reach managerial excellence (through executive coaching - team coaching - training - managing complex projects)


Jacques Arnol-Stephan

 Historian, writer, strongly committed to trying to understand all aspects of human dimension, I created with my partner Jacques, ten years ago, a managerial coaching firm. I am particularly in charge of its strategic and commercial development, as well as of bringing history as a background tool in our different interventions.

We combine our complementary experience and skills - the past and the future, humanities and "hard" sciences, artist and engineer - in order to provide those we accompany with hindsight, method, new openings that allow them to progress - and advance their teams - on the way to success.

Because the culture and values of a company are essential to its future, one of the specific expertise we have developed is to identify the hindrances hidden inside, and which could curtail the developpement of the company, but also to focus on the levers that they encompass for building the future. And because the role of the company's history in the construction of its identity is paramount, we use it as a tool that reinforces the relevance and effectiveness of our interventions in the fields of leadership and strategic thinking, whether these be coaching for executives or teams, or collective training.


Jeanne Leboulleux-Leonardi

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