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The mentoring progressed in France since the early 2000s. Entrepreneurs, executives, senior officials and managers at all levels more generally... many take the plunge. And when they tasted it, they wonder how they ever do without for so long!

Improve your practice : a requirement for any leader

Yet if coaching seduces, there is still a little ashamed: "Do not say that you are coaching me. What would they think of me!" In the French managerial culture, a manager must indeed have all the answers: a very limiting belief that puts uncomfortable most of the leaders by forcing them to hide their difficulties, uncertainties and thereby acting as a brake on their ability to progress.
Everyone knows that lead one business is not innate. That open up to other practices to better adapt yourselves to the rapid changes in our society is a prerequisite for business success. And step back from what we do and the way we do it, allows you to do it with more clarity, more relevant, more serenity.

"Everybody needs a coach"

Anglo-Saxon leaders have no prevention. And that's good, because it gives us the opportunity to submit a weight of evidence on the benefits of coaching: the testimony of the CEO of Google, no less! Look at this very short video !

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