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What we can do for our partners...

Our leaders understand how to gain traction and assert themselves in an effective way

We help leaders identify the values they want embedded in their company and show them how to ensure their employees share these same values. We assist in deploying this in common culture through training and coaching centred on the company’s managers. Thus, by having each “cultural filter” understand the other, we enable successful collaborations and promote a win-win attitude.

The approach we promote is so effective that 95% of our coaching contracts are renewed

We are so confident in our ability to make a difference to your organisation; we include a hassle-free termination clause in all our contracts. This means that if you are dissatisfied with our service then you can end the coaching without any justification or penalties. In spite of this, we have retained 99% of all our contracts to the very end.

Thirty years of leadership experience, followed by a decade of professional coaching has enabled us to hone our style. Our major influences draw from Anglo-Saxon managerial philosophy, the Palo Alto systemic approach and of course our native French culture. We offer the opportunity to discover a different approach, heavily influenced by Edgar Morin’s and Boris Cyrulnik’s works on complexity, and finished with our signature “French touch”.

We enable our leaders to unlock the power of cultural individuality and turn this to their advantage

Our devotion to pluri-culturalism means we know how to help a company succeed in their operations abroad. Whether buyouts or creations of subsidiaries; we help organisations transform cultural differences into an invaluable resource. During the last 15 years, we have built and undertaken training programs for the managers of five leading global companies around the world. Our programs deal with leadership, project management, quality management and principled negotiation and have been taught successfully in Brazil, China, France, Great-Britain, Morocco and Tunisia. Regardless of nationality, we understand people and we know how you can get the best out of your team.

We know how to cultivate innovation from the ground up

During the last 4 years, we have supported 5 startups, from different fields, both professionally within J2-Reliance and as a member of Réseau Entreprendre®. We helped these young businesses to progress from the disorder of the early days to a more structured management - one that preserves that essential start-up dynamism whilst offering a more pragmatic set-up. This recipe has enabled them to master their way to success and despite rough economical and fiscal challenges in France, four of them are still alive and growing today. Because we love entrepreneurship, because we master the management skills necessary to ensure growth, and because we know when and how to be stubborn, we can help startups go beyond the enthusiasm of the first months and build true sustainable businesses.

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