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What is "leadership coaching" ?
J2-Reliance core purpose is LEADERSHIP COACHING:

Why “leadership”? Because at the heart of our interventions is the leadership of the company, that is the way the persons lead the company to its future, while relying on its culture and on its history. Leadership isn't restricted to the top-management…

Why “coaching”? Because we help you to go where you want to go... and not where we  think it's better for you to go. It's both a matter of ethics and of efficiency, at the same time.

Leadership coaching may be simple, pragmatic and direct! If we use common sense, consider YOUR problems, and not generalities. We made this choice.


  • To help managers in their day-to-day and their strategic decisions
  • To give you the means to drive your business with insight,  through a personalized approach
  • The historic dimension, which reveals new leverages at your performance's service
  • The alliance of individual and collective approach, because the quality of the interactions is the key of success
  • The human component, because the performance goes through the commitment of the persons
  • The multicultural dimension: a Breton, a Corsican, well aware of the French touch, having worked around the world for many years (France, but also Brazil, Tunisia, China, Vietnam...)
  • The persons: Executive & business coaching  — Training
  • The teams: Team coaching — Working groups — Team building — Seminars
  • The company: consulting in Strategy — Organisation — Communication — History

If you want to know more about us, or for a dedicated offer, please contact us!

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